Post-vacation blues

Post-vacation blues: Depression and anxiety

Just back at work?

Vacations weren’t what you expected yet still you’re suffering from post holiday depression, this blue mood when the sea breeze and the wandering around in new cities have become a faded memory and you have to get back into the routine of work, traffic, phone calls, emails, urgent matters, bills to pay, grocery shopping and daily life routine in general.

There is no question we don’t feel good about going back to our routine after a break, but the reality is that you may be minimizing a bigger problem by putting your unhappiness and anxiety down to post vacation depression. Anger might be a possibility for some, especially if the vacation was supposed to resolve issues that remain outstanding.


Are you satisfied with your family, friends, and work? Is it the routine or there is a pile of work to be dealt with that’s causing stress? Do you have money issues?

My advice is to take a break from the routine, step back and see how and where you can be happier.

Seek advice; couples therapy, psychotherapy or medication will bring you bigger benefits than another great vacation.